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Atlanta's Original Green & Non Residue Steam Cleaners. Since 1993
Green carpet & upholstery organic steam cleaning using no sub contractors, gimmicks or hype.
No caustic, toxic or harsh chemicals used. Hot Water, natural cleaners & filtered water is our system
Traditional synthetic cleaners available upon request.
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    Why choose us & why are we different?   404-403-0045Family Owned Atlanta Carpet Cleaner

    I remember watching my parents getting ripped off by contractors as a kid, and even myself in recent years, and for that I promised myself never to be "that guy" driving around scamming everyone. Being said the first thing you will notice is our prices are not burried in the site or leave you in the dark with having to request an estimate. See below for simple price structure. I am also the owner and personally perform all work. We're $39 per average room and less & you won't be up sold on extras unless you ask. We are certified, insured & use gentle organic cleaning solutions with triple filtered soft water.  Our competitors simply can't match our integrity, experience, proprietary process or price. All work guaranteed. 

     We use only the very best commercial equipment without the franchise overhead so we can charge less than most local Chem-Dry, ZeroRez, Stanley Steamer and ServPro's. Why pay the extra cost for a chain's radio ads & techs when you can hire the owner for less?  We serve Atlanta, Buckhead, Vinings, Decatur, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Roswell, Alpharetta, Brookhaven & more.

    Before our arrival please pre vacuum, move all small objects from carpet to be cleaned and move vehicle to side.

    We have a $99.00 minimum service requirement with exception to "special cases" click here if this is you.

    Carpet Cleaning Pricing: $39 per small to avg. room. Halls $25-$39. Staircase $39 each.

    Upholstery Cleaning: 6 ft Sofa: $85, Love seat: $50, ($14 per foot after 6 ft.)

    Mattress Cleaning: King $99, Queen $89, Double and Twin $79                                  

    Auto seats & carpet steam cleaned: Car $125, SUV $149

    Atlanta's own "Green Queen" Jennifer Hankey now offering Green house cleaning, organic bug control, Organic Lawn Care, Non Toxic Mosquito, Termite, Rodent & Pest control. 

    v       We use TCS Propane heated Truck Mounts. One of the hottest in the industry

             Atlanta Truck Mount Carpet CleaningAtlanta Truck Mount Carpet CleaningAtlanta Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning

    Safe organic steam cleaning personally performed by owner with no hype, gimmicks or unreal pricing.  Proudly Atlanta's first Green/residue free carpet cleaners. Est.1993

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    9 Must Ask Questions before booking a job & choosing any Carpet Cleaner.

    5 Must Ask Questions before booking a job & choosing any Atlanta Carpet Cleaner.
    Are you owner operated or do you use sub contractors? The owner personally cleans each and every job.
    Are you insured? We are indeed.
    Are you "Green" Certified?   DirtBlasters is an original, a pioneer in people, pet & planet safe cleaning since 1993 and certified from several associations.
    Do you use "Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning"?  We do except a working spaces over 250 feet from van.
    Are you over $35 per room & $65 per 6ft couch?  We are not over $35 per avg. Room and even less in some situations nor over $65/6foot couch 5 Must Ask Questions before booking a job & choosing any Atlanta Carpet Cleaner.
    • Will you run your Truck Mount machine outside only at a safe distance from house to avoid deadly Carbon Monoxide from entering my home? Yes. Many new untrained carpet cleaners unknowingly point exhaust toward home filling house with deadly gas.Or worse park in garage with machine running.
    • Are you owner operated or do you use sub contractors? The owner personally cleans each and every job.
    • Are you insured? We are indeed fully insured including personal and property.
    • Are you "Green" Certified?   DirtBlasters is an original, a pioneer in people, pet & planet safe cleaning since 1993 and certified from several associations.
    • Do you use "Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning"?  We do as long as the hoses reach work area. Portable steam units available for high rises.
    • Are your over $39 per average room & $85 per 6ft couch?  We are not over $39 per avg. room and even less in some situations nor over $85/6ftcouch.
    • Does your van leak oil and if yes can you protect my driveway? Our vans are very well maintained and have no leaks.
    • Will you be careful not to scratch walls, cars and basically respect my home?  I always treat your home as I would my own.
    • Does your cleaning include "Everything"? Yes! The price includes all cleaning steps & will not increase at your door.

                          Why Steam Cleaning Instead of the Dry Method or others?

    • World's largest manufacture of carpet Shaw Industries requires customers to only use Steam Cleaning Source:  
    • Stainmaster Carpets voiding warranties if Steam Cleaning is not your choice of carpet cleaning methods. Source:
    •   CDC recommends steam cleaning  In infectious health conditions on carpets the CDC recommends carpets to be "Steam Cleaned" only. Source
    • SANITARY— Hot water extraction has been proven in countless tests to be the most effective and sanitary carpet cleaning method in removing any unwanted solid or liquid substances including blood, urine, food, drinks, dirt, grease, dust mites and many more.
    • NON  TOXIC— High heat & nature is all we use such as citrus, enzymes, white vinegar, baking soda and plant based.
    • NO RESIDUE— Green pre spray & hot H2O rinse only. There is ZERO residue since 1993. See Green carpet cleaning Demo 
    • AFFORDABLE— Owner operators enjoy lower operating costs compared to the high priced Franchises which enable us to beat their inflated prices. Accepting weekend and weeknight appointments.
    • No bait and switch tactics— Honest phone rates are solid & won't inflate at your door with hidden charges.  

    Dirt Blasters carpet cleaner review.Dirt Blasters reviews  Atlanta carpet cleaning testimonials and reviews Dirt Blasters Carpet Cleaning TestimonialDirt Blasters Carpet Cleaning Reviews

    (Click on above pictures or text to see).

    Dirt Blasters Carpet Cleaning Method & Green Solutions 

    • Green carpet cleaning method: We use citrus/enzyme cleaners (Proteins bond soil to carpets, our Enzymes break down protein and digest oil &  grease) white vinegar, baking soda, lavender oil (for deodorizer). 
    • Organic Carpet Cleaning method : We use grapefruit seed, lime & orange extract, Aloe, Meadow form seeds, fiber of vegetables, lemon peppermint & eucalyptus essential oils for Green cleaners and disinfectants.
    • DirtBlasters.com practices human, animal and planet safe cleaning. hot water extraction, a.k.a steam cleaning. Organic dry cleaning on request. Pet urine specialists
    • Synthetic cleaners (non-toxic) can also be used if requested from customer. (We carry enormous variety on van).
    • Filter water. We are the 1st in Atlanta to implement a triple filtered water supply system in the van. No contaminants survive.

    Dirt Blasters Rates

    Don't be left with zero residue in your pocket by overpaying the big chains.

    • Carpet cleaning rates - Under $39/avg room, (combo rooms considered 2 rooms & basements could be considered several rooms).
    • Upholstery Cleaning rates - 4 ft love seat $50, 6 ft sofa $85, $14/linear foot after the first 6 ft.
    • Hardship rates per special request can be arranged so contact us if this applies to your situation.
    • Auto Upholstery rates - Car interior $125 - SUV interior $150.
    • Mattress Cleaning rates - Twin or Double $79 - Queen $89 - King $99
    • No bait and switch - No hidden costs. Phone quotes & prices don't change after we get there. 

    Dirt Blasters serves the entire Atlanta area including Alpharetta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Merrietta, Vinnings, Chamblee, Tucker, Norcross, Brookhaven, Cumming, Woodstock, Ackworth and several others.


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        How do I choose a carpet cleaner ?
       Pick carpet cleaners by asking and measuring how long they have been in business for starters. Dirt Blasters has been carpet  cleaning Atlanta since 1993 and we plan to stay. 
    Also aSK if there are any additional charges outside of their phone quote to evaluate if they engage in "bait and switch". If they        charge extra for so called "Deep Cleaning" they are crooks.

       Ask if they are truck mounted steam cleaning. If not (i.e portable equipment), dry cleaning or other methodssimply hang up and  move on.
    How do I know if my carpet cleaning service is really a "Green" carpet cleaner ?  Ask them if they belong to any "Green" associations and which ones. We belong to several and all can be verified. We also use our own custom natural blend of cleaning solutions that are not only safe for our planet but also act as a powerful dust mite, dirt   and urine stain/odor eliminator as well. You may also ask to see and smell their cleaning products to verify if they are using safe products or potentially harmful synthetic cocktails.

        Ask if they are fully insured and for proof of insurance and if they charge extra for pet stains and other special ares of problem  stained carpet?. We only charge extra if these stains require significant time to treat. In most cases they are part of our services and not extra.

        Ask if your carpet cleaner if they have a 100% money back policy? We do and always stand behind our work or you don't pay.

        Ask the carpet cleaner if they use a technician or a sub contractor? The owner of Dirt Blasters is the only technician you will have. No middle man, techs or subs.

        Do you (the customer) or even the potential carpet cleaner understand the dangers of Carbon Monoxide gas produced from the van's truck mounted engine entering the home? The gas powered engine inside of the van produces just like any 2 cycle engine will Emmit carbon Monoxide gas which is deadly. So make sure they NEVER run it in the garage or too close to an open door or window of home and point it away from the structure. It helps to ask the technician to carry a hand held Carbon Monoxide detector  on him as well.  Also don't forget every home should have a quality Carbon Monoxide detector since water heaters and furnaces can also produce this silent killer at any time.

    Written by Dirt Blasters Carpet Cleaning.


     This is a certified safe site

    Steam Engine


    Why "Steam Cleaning" beats them all 10/19/2013
      Hot Water Extraction (212 degrees/boiling point of water) AKA "Steam Cleaning" is by far the over all most effective carpet cleaning process of them all. Why? While there are countless "Dry" and "Low moisture systems" the simple truth is heat destroys bacteria, grease and other contaminants by means of the heat breaking down the proteins (by burning through them) which bond them to carpet fiber then pulling them out with the powerful vacuum strength of a truck mounted carpet extractor machine. When this high heat is present it also can boost the carpet cleaners chemicals ability three fold or more.
      The higher the heat, the faster the carpet dries (less water) and the less cleaning product used or left behind for those carpet cleaners still using chemicals known to leave residue. Enzymes are a great 'Green" cleaning companion and addition  to your carpet cleaners arsenal and can take it a step further digesting oil, urine and other matter. If your carpet cleaners are still not "Green" and don't use "Non Residual cleaners" ask the carpet and upholstery technician to give the entire area an extra "rinse pass "to remove any residue.
      Stainmaster Carpets actually will void your warranty if you use any other system other than Hot Water Extraction or "Steam Cleaning" and require you steam clean them at least every 2 years and recommends at least one steam cleaning per year. (Source:) 
    If that isn't enough even the world's largest producer of carpet "Shaw Industries" also recommends only Steam Cleaning as the top choice for carpet cleaning methods. (source:)
      All other methods including inferior hot water "Portable extractors" and any "Dry cleaning" process simply can not touch Steam Cleaning at the proper temperature when it comes to lift power, vacuum power & sanitizing power and overall deep non residue cleaning.
    Major marketing efforts have taken hold in the minds of many folks regarding Dry Cleaning carpets hence we still offer Dry cleaning to this segment if they are truly sold on the idea however we do explain the pros and cons of both so they better understand each system.
    By Dirtblasters.com  
    See all of our original articles here
    No techs (owner operated)
    No pressure
    Avg price $35/room & set of stairs 
    Pet Odor removal
    Flood Damage
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